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  1. Tribute to the Millions - 11th November 2018

    Let us remember those who so selflessly gave their 

    lives at home and abroad, whose

    sacrifice enables us to enjoy the

    peace and freedom we have today.


    A big Thank You to Denise, Tanya and Christine who handmade the poppies for the 

    Cenotaph and to Mark Hough who lit the beacon at 7pm at Crag Nook Delph.

    Thanks also to Chris Riley and Graham Thomas

  2. The beacon at Crag Nook Delph will be lit to commemorate -"Battle's Over - A Nation's Tribute and WW1 Beacons of Light" at 7pm on 11th November 2018.

    7.00pm Battle’s Over - WWI Beacons of Light

    Later that day, after darkness has fallen, more than 1,000 Beacons of Light will be lit throughout the United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and UK Overseas Territories, with the first of these Beacons being lit at Westminster Abbey, London, that evening.

    This is a commemoration inspired by a comment made on 3rd August 1914 by Britain’s Foreign Minister, Sir Edward Grey. He was looking out of his office window at dusk as gas were being lit along London’s Mall when he remarked to a friend, “The lamps are going out all over Europe; we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime.”

    Our country was about to be plunged into the darkness of the First World War, and it would be four long years before Britain and Europe would again experience the light of peace.

    In remembrance of the end of the war and the millions who were killed or came home dreadfully wounded, Beacons of Light will be lit around the country at 7pm on 11th November 2018.

    The event will also commemorate the huge army of men and women on the home front who, often in dangerous and exhausting conditions, underpinned the war effort - keeping the wheels of industry turning and bringing home the harvests. The beacons will symbolise the light of hope that emerged from the darkness of war. 


  3. Celebrating Sutton is an initiative that began with discussions involving some Sutton residents along with members of several key voluntary sector and statutory organisations including NYCC, NHS, Cross Hills Group Practice, Age UK, Carers’ Resource, Exclusively Inclusive and Yorkshire Housing. The purpose is to celebrate village life in Craven, beginning with Sutton, by focusing on what is strong about our community rather than what is wrong with it. We are looking at ways to bring people together to help reduce any feelings of loneliness and isolation and to promote wellbeing.

    This questionnaire has been put together which we would love people who either live or work in Sutton to complete. We intend to use the information gained to highlight things that are already working in our community as well as finding ways together to improve things for our community as a whole and individuals who might feel lonely or isolated for any reason (be it mental ill-health, physical ill-health, older adulthood, disability, parenthood, shift work patterns, lack of work or meaningful opportunity, fear of crime, etc)

    You can fill in this questionnaire anonymously but we would love to be able to make contact to look at how together we can do more of the good stuff and make improvements as needed.

    To take part please click on the link below:

  4. Temp Road Closure Bridge Road, Sutton in Craven 1 day 9th July for BT pole replacement

     See below link to road closure information:

    PLANNED ROAD CLOSURE NOTIFICATION - 16897 Bridge Road, Sutton in Craven                                           

    The Closure will be in place for a period of 1 day between 9th July 2018 

    The Road Closure and any associated Diversion Routes can be viewed using this URL link


    North Yorkshire County Council