Dogs - Sutton Park

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Sutton Park play area and sports field is constantly used by children, schools and football clubs for training, matches and events.

The decision not to allow dogs on the playing field / play area was taken in 2010 following many complaints from residents, schools, various groups and 

clubs about the increasing amount of iilegal dog fouling on the playing field.

Various other measures were tried in the first instance including warning signage, but to no avail.

The council takes its responsibility seriously to work with the community to keep children's play areas free from dog mess.

We are being ruled by a minority of inconsiderate dog owners and unfortunately the majority have to put up with it.

Yes there is concern about toxocariasis, a disease which can spread through dog faeces causing blindness, BUT NOT JUST THAT, dog mess is dirty unpleasant especially where young children are not always discriminating about what they touch or pick up, on sports pitches where players are often young people, frequently sliding on the surface and to grounds staff when mowing. 

The decision was not taken lightly and consideration was given to the number of other sites in Sutton where dogs can be walked i.e. Lumb Clough, Lyndhurst Wood, Alvic Field, Beckside, Crag Nook Delph and many other footpaths defined on the definitive map.

Many Councils have banned dogs from sports fields and play areas to keep the areas free from dog mess. The National Playing Fields Association guidelines state areas which should be dog free (except for guide dogs); all equipped playgrounds, sports pitches and outdoor sports facilities such as courts and greens, school playing fields and grounds, and recreational land which is primarily used by schools, areas intended for, or commonly used by, children.

Dogs can be walked on the paths, tied to the outside of the toddler play area railings (nearest the path) or to tables on the grass (sited near the main path). There are other areas of hard standing with benches if preferred.