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Sutton Juniors are in consultation and have agreed a deal in principle to buy land within the village.

The land itself, time scales, and details of the deal will need to be kept under wraps for now but we can confirm it does lie within the boundaries of Sutton in Craven.

Our senior management committee will be working with various local and national bodies to help deliver this but the support of our members and the wider community will be vital.

How can you help? --------------------------

There will be various ways members and indeed people from the village and surrounding areas can get involved and these will be announced over the next few weeks, in the meantime supporting our club fundraising events, buying from our club shop or simply donating via our gofundme account will help.

All these options are available through our Facebook page and our Club Website.

  Legacy ---------

Hopefully everyone can now see why we’re so driven in our fundraising efforts and understand that this is achievable if we all pull together!

We have a chance to create a lasting legacy for generations of children and adults in Sutton and the surrounding areas.

The club needs to reach a goal of 25k – we have already put in place a number of contingency elements to support this target – but this is our aim. This will be mixed between active fundraising and more corporate & commercial support.

In terms of timescales – the process will be drawn out over some time – it will take many months to bottom all the technical aspects of the proposals, legal status and club structure to move forward – please bear with us.

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