Prohibition of Waiting and Loading and Provision of Parking on Main Street

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Notice of the Order appeared in the Craven Herald on the 18th June 2015. The notice applies to Main Street, Sutton 17.5m east from the extended east wall lines of Gatering Lane. East for a distance of 21.8m.

Double parking on Main Street particularly near the park and church is a major problem causing congestion. Buses are having difficulty getting through as well as cars.

Following a meeting with Highways to look at a solution. It was proposed that an order be made for a length of lines (approximately four car lengths) to prohibit parking across the front of the main Church gate. The restriction is proposed to maintain the free flow of traffic (to leave space so cars can pull into pass without having to reverse a considerable length). The Traffic Order has an exemption for wedding and funeral related vehicles.

North Yorkshire Highways received no objections to the order.