Sutton Football Club - Storage Facilities in the Park

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Sutton Juniors was formed in 1998 by Simon and Alison Town who were joined by the current president, Mr Phil Taylor. The club was originally called Sutton Rascals but as it evolved with older groups it was renamed Sutton Juniors.

Initially there was one team U7 as the years have gone on more teams have been added. Today there are 21 teams ranging from under 7 up to adults.

The teams play across four venues around the Sutton-in-Craven, area. The U7's, U8's & U9's play and train in Sutton Park.

A request has been made to Sutton-in-Craven Parish Council for storage facilities. Some of the clubs equipment is stored in the old bowling pavilion in the park but space is limited. The club also store further equipment in a garage but are losing access to this facility.

A proposal has been put forward by the club to adapt the stone shelter in the park, panelling the front incorporating a door and shelving. The club have offered to fund the alterations themselves.

The facility would give them the much needed storage they need to carry on supporting the teams in their training and matches.