North Yorkshire County Council - Part-night lighting

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Street lights in North Yorkshire currently switch on at dusk and off at dawn. North Yorkshire County Council are working on a four-year programme to reduce street lighting energy consumption and associated carbon emissions. The new policy will see up to 60 per cent of our street lights switching off in the early hours of the morning between midnight and 5am, when road use is at a minimum.

In 2013/14 North Yorkshire County Council's cost of electricity for street lighting was about £2.1 million. Savings of almost £400,000 a year are expected and by reducing our carbon emissions the street lighting element of the carbon tax paid to the government will be cut by 28 per cent. 

There are over 62,000 street and footway lights in North Yorkshire and NYCC are responsible for around 50,000 of them. The remaining 12,000 lights belong to borough, district or parish councils (with the exemption of Hambleton) and are not affected by this scheme.

Areas that will not be affected:

Lights operated by borough, district or parish councils (except for Hambleton district); 

Main Traffic routes and road junctions (dimming of street lights may be introduced if appropriate);

Locations with a significant night-time road traffic accident record;

Potential hazards in the highway such as traffic calming, speed humps and road crossings (except in 20mph zones)

Parts of town centres that have concentrated night-time activity or economy;

Areas covered by council or police CCTV operations;

Area with 24-hour operational emergency services, including hospitals;

Lights outside sheltered housing and other residences accommodating vulnerable people; and

Areas with a significant record of relevant night-time crime or anti-social behaviour.

For further information please contact North Yorkshire County Council, 01609 534527