Floods -Thanks to residents who assisted.

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 PCSO 3578 Jason Perkins



Could you please pass on my thanks to residents of Ash Grove, Sutton In Craven and to the Cowling residents who assisted North Yorkshire Police with the severe flooding on Sat 12th December. Numerous residents assisted with the collection and distribution of sandbags on Ash Grove this assistance was much appreciated by myself and PC1458 who were covering the South Craven area on the day. In Cowling the A6068 was impassable on the Colne side, I’m aware of a resident who assisted PC1458 with the road closure on the Cowling side but there were also other residents who waded through the water unblocking the grates in this area, without their assistance the road would have been closed for considerably longer. Once the flooding had been released they continued to assist with pushing flooded vehicles off the main road. Due to the conditions there wasn’t any real alternative routes for drivers and I’m sure the hundereds of vehicle delayed or rerouted will be unaware of their contributions on the day.

 Please see below part of an email sent out by Insp Crocker.

Subject: Floods I am writing to acknowledge and thank you for your invaluable assistance during the floods on 12 December 2015. PC Adams and PCSO Perkins both speak highly of your commitment and public spirit in helping direct traffic and warn drivers and residents of the floodwater.

 Without your assistance we would have undoubtedly had to commit police resources and you allowed us to assist others whilst you took on this important task.

 We cannot police and keep people safe without assistance from the public and I am sure that many unknowingly benefited from your involvement.

 Thank you. I wish you a dry and peaceful Christmas and New Year.

 Yours sincerely

 Geoff Crocker


 Hopefully it won’t happen again too soon.

 PCSO 3578 Jason Perkins

Crosshills Police Station