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Consultation on a pre-publication draft of the Craven Local Plan
5th April 2016  – 17th May 2016
Consultation on a second pre-publication draft of the Craven Local Plan commences today (5th April 2016) for 6 weeks.  During this period of informal public consultation Craven District Council is seeking feedback from town and parish councils, residents, businesses, local groups, statutory bodies and other agencies on the latest draft of the Local Plan.
You may recall that in September 2014, the Council consulted on a first pre-publication draft of the Local Plan, seeking views from town/parish councils, residents, businesses and organisations on a draft spatial strategy, policies and possible sites for development in the area covered by the plan.  The feedback gathered during this consultation, together with extensive updates to the evidence base that underpins the draft spatial strategy, policies and sites, has helped shape the current draft of the Local Plan. The current, six-week consultation on the draft Local Plan is a chance to help further improve the plan. As such we want to hear from you about: 

  • What needs changing or improving in the draft plan?
  • Why does it need to be changed or improved?
  • How it needs to be changed or improved - your suggestions.

The Council is seeking views on a wide range of issues set out in three Local Plan consultation documents.  These include:

  • A Spatial Strategy for Growth Distribution in Craven – Alternative Spatial Strategy Options and Preferred Spatial Strategy Option and Sustainability Appraisal of Spatial Strategy Options Consultation Document.  The Council is seeking views whether the alternative spatial strategy scenarios set out in the document are appropriate in order to base a preferred spatial strategy on.  In addition the Council would like to receive comments on the spatial distribution of growth in the preferred option, in particular whether it is believed that there should be any changes and/or improvements to the preferred spatial option; 
  • Draft Text, Policies and Policies Map with Sustainability Appraisal Interim Report and Sustainability Appraisal of Policies Consultation Document.  The Council is seeking views on the draft vision, objectives, strategic and development management policies, including the draft minimum housing requirement.  Feedback on the draft Sustainability Appraisal Interim Report and the Sustainability Appraisal of Policies is also welcomed. The Council would also like to receive feedback on the draft policies maps, including:- 
  1. The proposed town centre boundaries for Skipton and Settle, and proposed primary shopping area boundary for Skipton; 
  2. Sites to be assessed for potential Local Green Space designation.  Please note these are not the final sites for Local Green Space designation.  The sites shown on the policies maps are all the sites submitted to the Council for consideration that have passed the initial 3 tests as set out in the Council’s Local Green Space methodology.  These sites will be subject to further assessment against the remaining tests in the methodology, taking into account any information brought forward during this consultation period.  Preferred sites for designation will be subject to further consultation in mid June 2016. 
  3. Sites to be safeguarded for employment use and potential new employment site options  
  • Pool of Site Options with Potential for Residential or Mixed Use and Sustainability Appraisal Consultation Document.  The Council is seeking views and comments on a   pool of site options with potential for housing or mixed uses and the accompanying sustainability appraisal of sites. In particular the Council would like to receive comments relating to the positives and/or negatives of individual sites or comments relating to whether some sites may be more appropriate than others for potential development within a settlement’s pool of sites, and the reasons why this may be so.  Where areas of flood risk have been identified on sites, owners or potential developers of individual sites may wish to form and send to the Council a site specific flood risk assessment to support their argument for why the site should be put forward into the preferred list of sites from the pool of sites. Please note the site options shown on the settlement maps are not the preferred housing or mixed use sites, rather they are a pool of sites from which the Council will be selecting preferred sites after taking account of responses from this  consultation.  Preferred sites will be subject to further consultation in mid June 2016; 

The draft Local Plan can be viewed from Tuesday 5th April 2016 online at .  A hard copy of the draft Local Plan will be available to view at Craven District Council Offices, Belle Vue Square, Broughton Road, Skipton BD23 1FJ.  Copies of the draft plan can also be viewed in libraries at Skipton, Gargrave, Cross Hills, Embsay, Settle, Bentham and Ingleton; and via the mobile library service. 
The Council will also be holding drop in surgeries at the following venues: 

  • Victoria Hall, Settle: Monday  25th April 2016, 4pm – 8pm
  • Glusburn Institute: Tuesday 26th April 2016 , 4pm – 8pm
  • Bentham Town Hall: Wednesday 4th May 2016, 4pm – 8pm   

The Planning Policy Team is available throughout the consultation period.  Please contact on 01756 706472 or by emailing [email protected] to arrange an appointment at the Council Offices in Skipton. 
To give feedback, please use the Comments Form which is available online at .  Hard copies of the Comments Form can be collected from the Craven District Council Offices and libraries.  Completed feedback forms can be sent to [email protected] or posted to the Council using the address above. The closing date for comments is Thursday 17th May 2016 at midnight.