Land to the West of Holme Lane

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It is the intention of Snell Developments Ltd to submit an Outline Planning Application for circa 32 dwellings on Land to the West of Holme Lane in Sutton in Craven. 

This outline application will seek approval for the principle of development along with a single vehicular access point from Holme Road. 

The proposals will retain existing boundary trees and will include the planting of additional native tree species and an area for on-site water attenuation. Additionally, provision will be made for a new bus stop close to the access on Holme Rd, a public footpath across the area of green space to improve pedestrian connectivity and a parking area for users of the school and park. 

Leaflets will be posted; and site notices displayed close to the western and eastern boundaries of the application site on Saturday 17 September 2016. The website will be become live on the same day.