Inclusive Roundabout

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Inclusive Play Equipment – Sutton Park

A need has been identified for play equipment accessible to everyone. 

There has been an increase in the number of people in the area using the park with different abilities including those with physical impairments as well as wheelchair users. 

Although the park does have some inclusive play equipment including a spinner and swing a need was identified for a roundabout which can be easily accessible and encourage children of all abilities to play together. 

The Spinmee roundabout supplied by HAGS SMP has been especially designed following consultation with specialists who work with disabled children and their families. Developed with an optimised design to make the roundabout inclusive for users of different abilities.

Sutton-in-Craven Parish Council wish to thank everyone who helped fund the project including Yorventure who granted £8,000 from Yorwaste through the Land Communities Fund, Cllr. Stephen Place and Cllr. Stephen Morrell £1,250 through the Craven District Council Ward Members Scheme and the Parish Council £1,677.

The Park is the focal point of our village and is well used by residents and that of neighbouring parishes and visitors from further afield. The provision of play spaces that are more accessible for users of different abilities encourages a stronger community drawing together all ages, parents, carers and children, socially creating a greater sense of wellbeing.