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Supporting people in your community.

Good Friends is about creating a net work of volunteers who share their time to help local people in need.

Loneliness is an increasing problem in society today, particularly for older and vulnerable people.

Half a million people across the UK regularly go up to 5 days without seeing anyone, and 60% of people in North Yorkshire are considered to be at a medium to high risk of loneliness.

We're encouraging local people to commit a small amount of time each week to help someone near them in need. We're all about building back a sense of community in an increasingly isolated world.

46% of older people across our region live alone.

How Good Friends Works

We match people in need of a little extra support to a Good Friends volunteer based on factors such as their needs and interests who can help with the issues they may be facing.

We'll always try to match based on location, ensuring the person who's being supported feels they have someone nearby.

Good Friends Volunteering

The level of support you wish to commit is entirely your choice - as little as half an hour per week can make a big difference in the life of an older or vulnerable person.

Our team will work with you to match you with people in your area based on your interests and abilities. They also offer support and advice so you'll never feel you're dealing with solutions alone.

Here are some great reasons to get involved:

Directly support people in your community, making an invaluable contribution

Meet new people and socialise with likeminded individuals

Learn new skills, improve your CV and undertake training

Feel valued and be part of an award-winning team

If you'd like to get involved, you can follow the simple process below:

Register as a Good Friend - Take your first step to becoming a Good Friend by signing up online at or request a form by calling your nearest Age Uk.

A member of the team will be in touch when your application has been processed.

We will connect you with someone in need of support. We will find you someone to visit nearby based on your interests and make an introduction, as well as keeping in touch to check you're both happy.

We'll keep you up to date. We'll share updates of events, activities and other Good Friends opportunities near you.



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