Sutton Park - Update

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Following conversations with the local Police and in view of the recent events where parks have been inundated with visitors. 

The lack of social distancing, overcrowding, large gatherings, the deliberate flouting of rules (tape, signage ripped off play equipment and play areas) in other local parks. 

To try and protect our staff, residents, those who are clinically vulnerable who have shielded for ten weeks and continue to do so.  

It has been resolved by the Parish Council that the park will remain closed to the public at this time. 

However, gradual steps are being put in place to re-open first with schools. Provision has been made to allow the two local primary schools to use the park this will help enable them to achieve effective social distancing. 

The Council hope the behaviour as seen on the media this last week, and in other local parks does not give rise to another spike so that further steps can be taken to safely open for all our residents. 

We would like to thank the many residents of Sutton who have supported the decision to keep the park closed at this difficult time. 

To be reviewed on a regular basis.