Beech Grove, Elysium Healthcare

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Please find below information from the Regional Director, Elysium Healthcare with regards to Beech Grove, Sutton-in-Craven.

Beech Grove will specifically support 6 people with long term mental health needs. The people who will use the service are safely able to live within a community home environment but need some help with their daily living skills to maintain their independence. 

Depending on specific needs some people will be able to access the community on their own and others will need the help of support staff. The overwhelming reason people are supported to access the community is because of their own vulnerability and ability to keep themselves safe. 

Our community houses are designed for people who no longer require support in a hospital setting but require ongoing support to help them to progress into a more independent setting, i.e. their own flat/house, hence needing further help with daily living skills. By having staff on site, we can support their everyday needs and hopefully help them move back to their own homes. Our skilled team are there to give each person all the help and support they need in a safe supporting setting.