Sutton Park - Update

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On Sunday 28th February, as Craven basked in beautiful sunshine with clear blue skies, the Park in Sutton-In-Craven saw unprecedented numbers of visitors. By far the vast majority of visitors behaved sensibly and responsibly, following the Government guidelines on social distancing as explained on posters at the entrances to the park. We are extremely grateful for all those who did so. 

Unfortunately a significant number of young people did not follow the guidelines and gathered in groups in the park shelters, sitting shoulder to shoulder and clearly not following guidelines on social distancing. We appreciate that schoolchildren gather together in a “bubble” at school, but the guidelines are different in public places and need to be adhered to for the safety of all. The guidelines for meeting in a public park are clearly displayed at the entrances to the park and on posters in each shelter. 

Up to mid February cases of Covid-19 in Craven were declining rapidly. However cases have increased again recently in North Yorkshire. Now is not the time to relax and to ease off with social distancing. Strict guidelines are still in place when meeting others outdoors.

We would call on parents to please take responsibility for your children and ensure that they follow Government guidelines wherever they may be in these difficult times. If guidelines continue to be flouted in the park we may have to take measures to close off the shelters.

Can we take this opportunity to thank the vast majority of visitors to the park who conduct themselves sensibly and responsibly.

Steve Morrell


Sutton-In-Craven Parish Council