Tribute former Councillor Les Joy

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“I was saddened to hear of Les Joy’s passing, as were many of his fellow Council, Committee members and friends.

I got to  know Les well and appreciated what a wonderful wise man he was.

The whole of the Council and its employees send their heartfelt condolences to his family.



“His commitment to the Parish Council until only recently was exemplary, and it was with great sadness we accepted his recent resignation when, in his own words, he "...felt he had done enough"!

He did MORE than enough.

I have heard little snippets of information from other villagers who knew Les who tell me such things as, he was one of the most savvy, smart phone users in the village, even at his advanced age! I also heard snippets about his time in the RAF in WWII and the incredible bravery of his missions during that conflict.

But I only heard snippets. Such is what you get to hear at Parish Council meetings.

Still, I have an image in my mind, undeniably incomplete, of a totally incredible person who was positive, and a power for "good". There was never any doubt about that in my mind about Les.”

Cllr. Stephen Morrell (Chairman)