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  1. Sutton-in-Craven Community Emergency Plan 

    The plan focuses on the potential emergencies that pose the highest risk. These being:

    • Local flooding
    • Accident involving a hazardous material
    • Major heat wave
    • Low temperatures and/or snow
    • Major storms & gales
    • Major outbursts of an infectious disease
    • Prolonged drought
    • Extended loss of electricity supply
    • Local traffic accident

    For the plan to be effective volunteers are requested in the following categories:

    • Local people who in times of need are able to check in on and provide support to the more vulnerable in our village. It is hoped a number of people volunteer so each volunteer has a small number of houses close to their own home.
    • Local people who have equipment or a skill that may support a response to an emergency. This could include cutting or lifting equipment, transport or being able to provide food for example.

    These emergencies are rare occurrences so it isn't expected volunteers will be regularly called upon. It is however, reassuring to know that support is there if it is required.

    If you would like to be included as a volunteer in either of the above categories, please email:- [email protected] with your contact details.

    Thank you


    This letter is to inform you that North Yorkshire County Council, will be undertaking drainage works at the above location. 

    The works are currently programmed to commence on 11th October 2021and will be carried out under a full 24 hour road closure for a period of 3 weeks. Plans showing the extent of the works and the diversion route are enclosed for your information. 

    Advance warning signage advising of the works will be installed on site shortly.  Whilst the works are in progress, a fully signed diversion will be in place. On-site personnel will assist in managing access to properties and businesses within the closure.  Please be advised there may be extended periods when access will not be possible due to the nature of the works and physical constraints of the site.  Pedestrian and cycle access will be maintained. 

    Please note, this work is part of an extensive programme and therefore, some adjustment to this start date or the duration of the works may be necessary should unforeseen circumstances such as significant weather events or emergencies on the highway network arise.

     Operatives working on site will be observing all Government guidelines on safe social distancing. 

    To ensure the delivery of these works we request your assistance in the following ways: 

    • Please contact the Customer Resolution Centre on 01609 780780, to identify any special access needs you may have prior to work commencing. 
    • Please make arrangements to store your vehicle at an alternative location if possible. 
    • Please co-operate and comply with any instructions issued by the traffic management operatives and take extra care whilst within the works area. 

    May I draw your attention to the County Councils Corporate Privacy Policy by using the following link When submitting a response, we will record personal information including your name and address. 

    For further information, including diversion information and to sign up for alerts please go to; 

    I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for any disruption that these works may cause and would again request your cooperation to help ensure an efficiently and safely executed project.

     Yours faithfully 

    Customer Resolution Centre